Squad Patrol

Dark. Literate. Mildly classy. Plus lasers. And swearing. Enter a world of stories told through jokes: cat detectives; sexual tension on construction job sites; the horror of bats and banana slugs; Casio keyboards; bears and lady boys; time machines; Mr. Trollywhiskers; judicious use of nerd references; Chuck E. Cheese flashbacks; the pathos of good grammar; space hamsters. All theatrically expressed through flamboyant costumes, cardboard props, original songs and videos, sound effects and gratuitous spot-lighting, and of course, verbose language replete with the swears.

Squad Patrol Cast:
Adrienne Starkey, Casey Singer, Charlie Lemcke, Derek Daun, Jess Ramirez Benz, Josh Kinkade, Kevin Cooley, Laurenne Brown, Marco Cabodi

Festival Performance:
Mother of All Comedy Shows, Vol. 1