The ninth annual Sacramento Comedy Festival will be held Thursday, October 3 through Sunday, October 6, 2019 at Sacramento Comedy Spot. This event features improv groups, stand-up comedians, and sketch comedy groups from all over the country. It’s also an opportunity for comedians to network with each other and perform in one of the best comedy cities in the United States.

Mike Betancourt

Bird Friends

Dillon Collins

Ray Connolly

Amy Estes

The Friday Show

Stephen Furey


Walker Glenn

Paul Green

Emma Haney

Benton Harshaw

Chazz Hawkins

Shahera Hyatt

Improv Jazz

Dan Kapr

Lady Business

Jordan Leung

Wendy Lewis

Huey Li

Becky Lynn

Jason Mack

Melissa McGillicuddy

Maryam Moosavi


Mystery Meat

Alice Payne

Matt Payton

Rhoda Ramone

Jesse Rivera

David Roth

Ruby Setnik

Short Cuts

Caroline Smith

Spec Script

Squad Patrol

Tella Novella

Top 10 List Podcast

Dusty Tunnell

Marcus Williams

Becky Yamamoto

You Laugh, You Lose


The Zexy Banditos

Anthony Zuccaro