Justin Cousson

Justin Cousson at the 8th annual Sacramento Comedy Festival – October 11-14, 2018Justin Cousson is a comedian of unkempt hair and indeterminate ethnicity. He began performing as a teen in Baltimore and DC in and is currently based in Los Angeles. His work, which features a fondness for dares, pranks and deconstructing pop culture  includes stand-up and multimedia comedy, the viral photography series Passive-Aggressive Art Gallery, and a notable feud with British singer James Blunt.

Cousson, who was praised by the Late Late Show’s Reggie Watts for “cool…shoddy, abstract comedy” which excites him in Billboard Magazine, has also been featured in Esquire, the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan.

As a performer, he’s been seen at DC’s Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival, headlined San Diego’s American Comedy Company and is a mainstay of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, where he hosted the stand-up variety shows AN SHO(w) Stand-Up Comedy (House) Party, It’s On with Justin Cousson, and the yearly animal rescue benefit Show Us Your Kitties.

His debut album, The Essential Justin Cousson, will be released in Spring 2019.

Festival Performance:
Festival Stand-Up Showcase, Vol. 1