Jon Shefsky

Jon Shefsky & CRiiiME Podcast at the 8th annual Sacramento Comedy Festival - October 11-14, 2018Born and raised in Southern California. I’ve lived in suburbs, mountains and cities. I have had over 30 jobs; some have even lasted longer than three months. I love stand-up comedy, film, music, and most kinds of artistic expression and storytelling. I love my wiiiife, my kids, my cats, my family and friends and most life forms. Making people laugh makes me really happy. I love just about any off roading and trail riding. I do a lot of painting and riding of my bicycles. I also enjoy making love and eating sushi (almost always at the same time). Having written for Dre Beats Headphones, long-gone internet content giant, starred in a short film by David Zucker (Naked Gun), acted in several commercials, including ATT and Alcatel Wireless, and recently written, acted, and directed the Comedy Central digital series VOID, I’m ready to take a little nap. BUT I CAN’T SLEEP BECAUSE THERE’S A NEW EPISODE OF CRiiiME COMING OUT THIS WEEK!

Festival Performance:
CRiiiME Podcast Live Recording