Edsel Mac

Edsel Mac at the 8th annual Sacramento Comedy Festival – October 11-14, 2018Edsel Mac is a comedian, artist, educator, and all around funny man. Born and raised in Sonoma County, the youngest of five, Edsel’s love and passion for stand-up started late nights, as a kid, sneaking into the living room, while his parents watched Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. Edsel memorized every bit, line by line, and would gather his friends around a large rock in the schoolyard and recite his favorite jokes, to his friends’ amazement. Edsel Mac honed his comedy skills on the back of the school bus, tearing into friends and foes alike, which later became the back of the Cal Rugby team bus as an undergrad at UC Berkeley, until eventually getting his first big break at the famed Purple Onion in San Francisco, CA. Edsel Mac claims to be nothing more than a mere story teller: weaving hysterical tales from teaching elementary school, stories about his mother and special-needs aunt chain-smoking marijuana and arguing, or merely about being gay in a city that cherishes its tiny twinks when you’re “built like a White-Samoan.” The Godfather of SF Comedy Tony Sparks once stated: “I host a lot of shows and I get to see a lot of brand new talent and this guy [Edsel Mac] is my hero.”

Festival Performance:
Festival Stand-Up Showcase, Vol. 2