Cameron Domasky

“Cameron is allergic to negativity and passive aggressive Post-it notes. He eats three full meals a day consisting of laughter, hugs, and protein powder. His biggest comedic inspiration is his grandmother who never shies away from calling him on his bullshit. When he’s not on stage, he can be found in any large body of water. He was a golden retriever in his past life and still loves dogs more than their human counterparts, to this day. Cameron has a distinct style he has coined  “Ecothrift chic,” which he pairs well with his exceedingly metrosexual tendencies. Legend has it, looking directly into his coiffed hair and pronounced eyebrows can turn anyone to stone and is therefore ill-advised.”

– Sheva Tabatabainejad WASHINGTON POST

Festival Performances:
Festival Improv Showcase
Improv Fight Club