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Friday, October 6, 2017

Fest_Color_Black8:00 PM | Kooky Pants & Lady Business | $10 Tickets – Buy Now
Aeriel and Betsaida are Kooky Pants (Sacramento) in a fast-paced, character-driven improvised story inspired by a song lyric that ends with a fully improvised song. Lady Business is Sacramento’s first and longest-running all-women improv group, which creates scenes inspired by a new theme every month.

Fest_Color_Black9:00 PM | The Friday Show | $12 Tickets – Buy Now
Featuring: Jeff Sloniker and Curtis Rainsberry (Los Angeles), Stand-up from Ellis Rodriguez (Sacramento) and Krista Fatka (Oakland). 
The Friday Show features all types of comedy, including improv, stand-up, and musical. The highlights of the show are original sketches and characters created by TFS cast members. The Friday Show could be considered a more unconventional and, at times, bizarre version of variety classics like The Carol Burnett Show. Jeff Sloniker and Curtis Rainsberry performed in the famed The Midnight Show in Los Angeles and are guest performers in TFS. 

Fest_Color_Black11:00 PM | SUPER FANTASTIC CHARACTER SHOWDOWN | $8 Tickets – Buy Now
Half character cage match, half Japanese game show, SUPER FANTASTIC CHARACTER SHOWDOWN is a one-of-a-kind live comedy experience.



Saturday, October 7, 2017 

Fest_Color_Black5:00 PM | Festival Improv Showcase | $10 Tickets – Buy Now
Some of your favorite Comedy Spot improv teams perform together in one hilarious show! Teams: RIOT, Super Cosmonaut, G4G, and TBD.

Fest_Color_Black7:00 PM | Festival Stand-Up Showcase Vol. I | $12 Tickets – Buy Now
We invited stand-up comedians from all over the United States to perform in the Sacramento Comedy Festival. We invited so may we had to divide them into two shows! Featuring Stuart Thompson (Los Angeles), Ben Feldman (Oakland), Anna Valenzuela (North Hollywood), Wally Baram (New York), William Cheng (Los Angeles), Nick Petrillo (Long Beach), and Johnny Azari (New Orleans). Hosted by Jason Bargert.

Fest_Color_Black9:00 PM | Festival Stand-Up Showcase Vol. II | $12 Tickets – Buy Now
We invited stand-up comedians from all over the United States to perform in the Sacramento Comedy Festival. We invited so may we had to divide them into two shows! Featuring Jay Rich (Oakland), Jake Silberman (Portland), Lynn Stein (Los Angeles), Lindsay Glazer (Fort Lauderdale), Sean Hamrin (Los Angeles), Piers Moreton (New York), David Roth (San Francisco), and Natalie Holt (Seattle). Hosted by Melissa Mcgillicuddy.

Fest_Color_Black10:30 PM | Festival Sketch Showcase | $10 Tickets – Buy Now
The Festival Sketch Showcase features Tantrum (Los Angeles), Tiny Muscles (Los Angeles), Marv n’ Berry (Edmonton, Alberta) and Secret Handshake Society (Sacramento). 



Sunday, October 8, 2017 


Fest_Color_Black6:00 PM | Improv Fight Club | $ 10 Tickets – Buy Now
Four giant-sized, mega-hilarious improv teams, featuring in-house Comedy Spot performers, compete (perform) for Improv Fight Club Champion and $200 cash. You choose the winner by text message vote. This is the last Improv Fight Club of 2017! 

Fest_Color_Black8:00 PM | Sacramento Stand-up Showcase | $10 Tickets – Buy Now
Some of the funniest stand-up comedians from in and around Sacramento come together for one great night of comedy! Featuring Christy Farley
, Jason Anderson, Bill Wallis, Benton Harshaw, John Ross, Lendy West, Daniel Humbarger, Michael Cella, and DJ Sandhu. Hosted by Sydney Stigerts.