Michael Patten - 2014 Winner

Michael Patten – 2014 $1000 Grand Prize Winner

The 5th Annual Sacramento Comedy Festival will be held October 2-10, 2015.  The Festival will feature Improv groups, Sketch shows and a Stand-up Competition. The Stand-up Competition has a$1000 Grand Prize.  We currently do not have a competition for Improv and Sketch but we would like you to join us and have an opportunity to perform at a Festival designed for and created by comedians.  We know how difficult it is to perform in other cities.  We will do whatever we can to keep your costs down and show you a good time while you are here! Sacramento has a thriving Comedy Scene which supports two traditional stand-up clubs, two improv and sketch venues, and countless small rooms that feature comedy 7 days a weeks across the city.  

Most of the Festivals events will take place in Downtown and Midtown Sacramento.  Midtown Sacramento is the epicenter of all things Arts and entertainment in Sacramento featuring hundreds of bars, restaurants, art galleries, and performance venues.  Downtown will soon be host to our new Arena.  

2013 $1000 Grand Prize Winner

Trenton Davis – 2013 $1000 Grand Prize Winner

Application Fees
We will start accepting applications May 1, 2015

Performers will be announced starting in August.

Early Bird: – May 1 – May 31 – $20 EXPIRED
Normal: June 1 – July 31 – $25
Late: August 1-21 – $35

Before you start your Application

– All Improv, Sketch, and Stand-up Competition applicants must have a link to a 5 minute, unedited, video of a performance.  Remember: If we can not hear or see you then our selection committee can not realistically make a decision. 

– Comedians are responsible for their own travel expenses.

– If you would like to apply for the Stand-up Competition please read these Competition Rules first.

IMPORTANT: Click on one of the two applications below.  This will take you to a check-out screen.  Select “1” and then click Checkout and your Application will appear.