2017 Performers

The seventh annual Sacramento Comedy Festival will be held Friday, October 6 through Sunday, October 8, 2017 at Sacramento Comedy Spot. This event features improv groups, stand-up comedians, and sketch comedy groups from all over the country. It’s also an opportunity for comedians to network with each other and perform in one of the best comedy cities in the United States.

Jason Anderson

Johnny Azari

Wally Baram

Jason Bargert

Michael Cella

William Cheng

Christy Farley

Krista Fatka

Ben Feldman

The Friday Show


Lindsay Glazer

Sean Hamrin

Benton Harshaw

Natalie Holt

Daniel Hamburger

Kooky Pants

Lady Business

Marv n’ Berry

Melissa McGillicuddy

Piers Moreton

Nick Petrillo

Gabby Poccia

Sacramento Comedy Festival

Curtis Rainsberry

Jay Rich


Ellis Rodriguez

John Ross

David Roth

DJ Sandhu

Sacramento Comedy Festival

Jeff Sloniker

Secret Handshake Society

Kiry Shabazz

Jake Silberman

Lynn Stein

Super Cosmonaut

Sydney Stigerts


Stuart Thompson

Tiny Muscles

Anna Valenzuela

Bill Wallis

Lendy West